Where the shapers and movers of the surfing industry go head to head

The Florida Shape Off is a contest that promotes the art of surfboard shaping and the “true heroes” of surfing, the shapers.This exhibition takes place once a year at the Surf Expo in Orlando, Florida.

Six outstanding shapers are invited to show off their skills by replicating a pre-selected model board from a rough blank in two hours. The winner gets the awesome Shape Off trophy for one year, the esteem from the surfing community and all contestants get the pure fun of competing with the best.

2015 Florida Shape Off: A tribute to Bud Gardner.

poster for shape off Bud Gardner

Line-Up for 2015 Florida Shape Off:

Thursday January 8th
10:00 am Shaun O’Neal
12:15 pm Troy Borden
2:30 pm Oscar Stevenson
Friday January 9th
10:00 am Stu Sharpe
12:15 p.m. Mike Whisnant
2:30 p.m. Bruce Ragan